Why soy candles?

SoyLites™ natural candles burn at least 50% longer than paraffin candles, are biodegradable and contain pure cotton wicks. The SoyLites™ candles contain no petrochemicals or toxins and are 99% soot free resulting in a beautiful, clean burn. Did you know that paraffin candles release 11 documented toxins when burning, 4 of which are carcinogenic? SoyLites™ use only pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrances are used, making these candles wonderful for use in the home. Additionally, SoyLites™ candles are amazing moisturizing massage candles that provide many therapeutic benefits for the skin.

Where are SoyLites™ ingredients sourced?

The SoyLites™ producers have access to cutting edge practical knowledge and the best quality raw soy oil from the USA. They do not use any raw materials that contribute to the deforestation of the Amazon and their soy is guaranteed to contain no genetically modified materials. Where possible they use local containers, packaging, botanical oils and essential oils.

It’s a natural product completely free from toxins and it burns clean!

SoyLites™ soy oil candles are absolutely petroleum free. Did you know that burning conventional paraffin candles emit up to 11 toxins into the air? Soy oil candles are completely toxin free and will not leave a sooty residue.

They burn longer!

Soy oil candles are cost-effective and burn up to 50% longer than the equivalent sized paraffin wax candle.


How do I use my Soy candles?

For the first burn of your SoyLites™ candle, be sure to burn long enough that the top layer of the soy wax has melted. This will ensure an even burn and the entire candle will be used up unlike many paraffin wax candles which create “walls” around the sides as they burn down.

Do not burn for periods longer than 4 hrs at one time as the wick can get too long and the oil can overheat.

Do not burn in drafty conditions to ensure that it doesn’t leave a sooty residue on the glass or your walls!

Trim the wick from time to time to ensure an even, flicker-free burn.

Is Soy oil safe to use during pregnancy?

The SoyLites™ candles are perfectly safe to burn during your pregnancy, however we do caution against rubbing the oil into your skin as some of the essential oils have not been certified for safe use during pregnancy.

How long do Soy Candles burn for?

Soy oil candles tend to burn 50% longer than the equivalent sized conventional paraffin wax candle. The 220ml candles in the glass burn for up to 50 hours and the 75g candles in the tins burn for up to 20 hours.

Where does the Soybean oil wax come from? Is it GMO Free?

The raw material is imported from the USA where it is extracted as a by-product. The raw materials used in SoyLites™ do not contribute to the deforestation of the Amazon and are guaranteed not to contain genetically modified materials.

SoyLites™ are proud to be the first manufacturers of soy candles in South Africa and use locally produced containers, packaging and essential oils where possible.

What ingredients are used?

100% pure soybean oil (rich in vitamin E & lecithin), pure essential oils and selected botanical oils (in massage candles). No colouring or any other additives.

How is soy oil wax manufactured?

Soy oil can be extracted in two ways:

1) When boiling soybeans, the oil from the skin of the bean rises to the surface.

2) Compressing the soy beans to extract the oil. This oil is extracted as a by-product, resulting in the pure form of soy oil that is used in the SoyLites™ range.

Who makes SoyLites™ in South Africa?

Colin Skelton comes from a family of long standing candle makers – Candle Creations – who have been manufacturing quality soy oil candles for almost a decade in the USA. After years of research and careful testing, Candle Creations were finally ready to create the best soy oil candle possible. This meant rigorous sourcing of soy oil that was GM free and had no additives, using the best burning cotton wicks and a pure and clean soy oil wax that was able to be applied to a person’s skin without becoming ‘waxy’ and leaving an oily residue. This resulted in a soy candle that not only burned beautifully, but one that felt warm, smooth and creamy and was easily absorbed when applied to the skin.

When Candle Creations launched their soy oil candle, business boomed and they could scarcely keep up with the demand!

On returning to South Africa, Colin decided to pick up on the momentum created by Candle Creations and together with his partner Nicole in 2007 launched their own soy candle manufacturing company in South Africa: SoyLites™. With access to the best quality raw soy materials and the latest information in developments in the natural candle industry from the USA, SoyLites™ is committed to crafting a soy candle that is influenced by its African roots. All the packaging materials, glass and metal containers, essential oils and other related extras are locally sourced.

Colin and Nicole live in Gauteng in South Africa and together they are continuing the tradition of making fine soy oil candles in South Africa.

“We hope you love the SoyLites™ candles as much as our friends and customers do.”

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