Høeg luksus te – Tokyo Nights – Herbal

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Høeg er en smukt Skandinavisk designed the. I en smuk æske og glas med låg i valnødde træ.

Nose: Fresh, a bit sweet and notable hints of the teas.

Cup: Fragrant with a tingling flavour of citrus and matcha.

Amount of tea: 100g

“Every moment is history” 

Once the sun goes down in Tokyo the city turns into a mesmerising display of light and energy.
We wish to reflect the healthy lifestyle and the alluring vigour of one of the world’s most fascinating cities with this highly antioxidant blend. 

A combination of green and herbal teas, matcha, Yerba mate, mango, lingonberry, lemon, sunflower and vanilla, this crisp, fresh, tea with its fruity notes and hints of citrus is a restorative tea owing to its slightly higher levels of caffeine. 

Net weight: 100g

Type of tea: Green, Matcha and Yerba Mate

Origin of tea: China, Japan and Brazil

Flavours: Lemon peel, mango (mango and sugar), lemongrass, rose pepper, sunflower and vanilla bits.

Allergies: None

Caffein: Yes

Produced: Sweden

Product weight: 530g