Høeg luksus te – Into the Wild

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Høeg er en smukt Skandinavisk designet te. I en smuk æske. lækkert glas med valnødde låg.

Nose: Fresh, a bit citrus and fragrant and notable hints of blackcurrant

Cup: Full body with notes of the berries and a lasting hints of rhubarb and elderflower blossom.

Amount of tea: 100g

In to the Wild

“Discover the wildness” 

Into the Wild is a black tea carefully decorated with rhubarb, elderflower and blackcurrant inspired by the intriguing and captivating depths of Scandinavian wilderness. Within the forests of the far north are tempestuous winters beholding a splendour treasured by the adventurous, keen for the magnificent reward of their exploration. This HØEG blend brings you the effervescence of this enthralling and undiscovered land.

Net weight: 100g

Type of tea: Black tea

Origin of tea: China and Sri Lanka

Flavours: Rhubarb, Raspberry, Elderflower Blossom and Blackcurrant.

Allergies: None

Caffein: Yes

Produced: Sweden

Product weight: 530g


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