Eco by Sonya

Sonya Driver set out on a quest to find a safe sunless tanning alternative, after her sister was diagnosed with a melanoma at the age of thirty.

At the time there was not any organic alternatives to the chemically based tanning products being marketed. Soon Sonya became aware of the potential health risks stemming from the usage of cosmetic products such as lipstick.
Sonya was not willing to gamble with her health by using these products herself, she was even more worried about the dangers these products posed to her Sister, given her cancer diagnosis.
It was this particular situation which prompted Sonya to start a project based on the idea of risk-free cosmetic products for women everywhere.
The certified company, Eco by Sonya, was born.

Using an organic skin care range really does make a difference. Whether you prefer your tan to be express or slow-building, Eco by Sonya guarantees you the most beautiful, believeable bronze tan, with No hidden sideeffects, this is in stark contrast to chemically based cosmetic products.

100% Natural
100% Vegan
100% Beautiful

Organicly certified by the Australien food chain.

Winter skin 300ml
Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

Invisible Tan 150ml
Self Tanning Face & Body Creme

Face Tan Water 100ml
Self Tanning Face, good for Acne prone skin

Rich Honey 1 L
Proffessional use for spray tan
Aprox. 20 spray tan in 1 L

Rich Honey 500 ml
Proffessional use for spray tan
Aprox. 10 spray tan in 500 ml

Two  500 ml
Proffessional use for spray tan, gives a deeper color
Aprox. 10 spray tan in 500ml

Deodorant Alu free 125ml
Natural Coconut

Body Wash 500ml
Natural Coconut & Mint

Body Milk 500ml

Extreme Exfoliant Glove
For both Face & Body

Sunscreen 150ml untinted
SPF 30

Sunscreen 150ml tinted
SPF 30

Scrub Himalayan pink salt 175ml