Africa Organics

100% Natural – No Chemicals!

A recent study revealed that the average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin, trough the use of personal care products, every day.

Humans have developed the ability to absorb and process natural chemicals.
The problem occurs when we come into contact with synthetic chemicals, or those not found on the earth’s surface.
Too much exposure will case our systems to deteriorate, eventually our bodily functions will become unable to maintain our health.

At Pureday we do not believe in adding synthetic chemicals to our products. We are proud to state that all our products are 100% natural – Which is why we are certified by Ecocert.

This requires a rigorous vetting process of the business, both it’s finished product, aswell as the manufactoring cycle.
Continual monitoring, ensures that the the Ecocert Standards remain in place.

You can read more here: Ecocert cerification