Natural Olive Soaps

Nablus olive oil soap is made without any other added ingredients. It supports the natural regeneration system of the skin and keeps the skin balanced. The oil is rich in high quality antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals helping to keep your skin young. The Nablus soap will leave the skin smooth and soft and it stimulates, strengthens and nourishes the skin. This soap is suitable for all skin types.

Nablus soap is made from natural plant derived ingredients. Nablus is a daily whole body wash, suitable also for face and hair. It supports the natural restorative properties of your skin and keeps it balanced. The soap can be used by people of all ages and with all skin types. The soap is created by a unique handmade process. it is delicate craft that relies on the skills of an artisan soap maker, Mojtaba Tbeleh and decades of experience and knowlegde and of the Tbeleh family. Its therapeutic qualities derive from the aroma of purely natural ingredients.